Printing Multi-Color Labels and Signs

Industrial label printers are an excellent resource for any facility. They make it fast and easy to create any type of labeling that you happen to need. One shortcoming of these label makers, however, is that they are only able to hold one ink ribbon at a time, which means it is only able to print labels that are a single color.

Since there are many different types of labels and signs that need multiple colors, you will need an easy way to get around that limitation. Fortunately, LabelTac printers make it extremely simple to get the multi-color labels that you need.

How to Print Multi-Color Labels with a LabelTac Printer

When you need to print off a label that has several different colors, you will just have to do it in stages. Using the printing software that comes with a LabelTac industrial label printer, you can design a multi-colored label, and then pull each component of the label away from the printed area on the screen.

For example, if you are printing a safety label that has a large red stop sign in the middle, at the top it has black letters that say something like “ATTENTION” and then at the bottom in blue it may say something like, “HAZARDOUS MATERIALS” on it in orange letters.

To print all three of the colors, simply follow these easy steps :

  • Place the label stock into the printer, with the black printer ribbon in place.
  • On the LabelTac printing software, set it up only to print the top section, which is in black.
  • Next, back the label up into the starting position again, open the lid and swap out the ink ribbon with the red one.
  • Go back to the printing software, this time only printing the middle section, which is the red stop sign.
  • Finally, back the label up again and replace the red ink ribbon with the orange ribbon, and print the last line where it says hazardous materials.

You have now successfully created a multi-color label with a printer that can only print one color at a time. This process is surprisingly quick and easy, and once you’ve done it a few times, it can be completed in just a few minutes. When compared to how long it would take to design, order and receive multi-color labels from a third party printer, it is easy to appreciate just how fast this really is.

Rapid Ribbon Changes

One thing that can be intimidating about this process is changing out the ribbons. This is because many people are used to trying to swap out ink cartridges on their computer printers, which can be complicated and difficult. Changing ribbons, however, is extremely simple.

Each ribbon comes in its own plastic housing so you don’t have to worry about getting ink everywhere. To swap the ribbon out with a new color, you simply open up the printer, pull out the old cartridge and put a new one in. It really couldn’t be any easier. There is no need to recalibrate or make any real adjustments to the printer itself.

Once you’ve swapped out one color ribbon for the next, you can immediately start printing the next color on your label. While it is printing, you can take the first color ribbon and put it in the included storage case so that the ribbon won’t dry out. This helps ensure it will be ready for you the next time you need to print in that color.

Any Label Stock

Keep in mind that you are able to print multiple colors on any type of label stock you happen to have. The LabelTac label printers can print on a wide range of different types of labels including normal glossy labels, vinyl labels, waterproof labels, labels designed for high (or low) temperatures, and many others.

No matter what type of label you need, you can easily create the custom, multi-colored results that you want. This is a great way to ensure all your labels will look great and last for many years to come.

Ordering Ribbons

If you want to print in multiple colors, you will need to order several different printing ribbons for your label printer. They come in a wide range of different colors, so you can choose exactly what you need. Since each ribbon is quite inexpensive, and they last so long, many facilities choose to buy many different colors so that they have the option to create the exact labels they need both today, and long into the future.

Of course, if you know you’ll only be printing with two or three different colors, than you can opt to only buy those specific ribbons. No matter what it is that you need, LabelTac print ribbons will be able meet and exceed your requirements.

Why Multi-Color Labels

<p?Each facility will have a unique reason why it needs to be able to print off labels that are multiple colors. Look around your facility and see what areas could benefit from having labels that are two or more colors. The following are some common reasons why many facilities choose to create custom labels that are two or more colors:

  • Regulatory Compliance – OSHA, ANSI and other regulatory bodies require many different things in a facility be labeled. In some cases, they dictate what the labels should look like, and this often includes having multiple colors. If you don’t want to have to special order labels, you will need to print them in house.
  • Industry Standards – There are many industry recognized standards in labeling that most companies follow. Even if it is not legally required, it is a good idea to follow established best practices like this, especially when it is so easy to do with an in-house label printer.
  • Clear Communication – Labels are used to communicate hazards, provide training or just share information. This can be done much more easily when you are able to use multiple different colors on each label.
  • Internal Marketing – Many facilities like to create labels that have their company logo on them, which often requires multiple colors. This type of internal marketing is a great use of labels, and is fun and easy when you have a good label printer that can easily create multi-colored labels.
  • Multiple Use Signs – If you are going to be printing off a label or sign that has multiple uses, it may benefit from multiple colors. For example, if you are using a label as an aisle sign, you can have one side of the sign for the aisle to the left, and one for the aisle to the right. Each with its own color.

No matter what type of thing you have in mind for your facility, you’ll be glad to know that your industrial label printer can create a label with as many colors as you desire.

Start Today

If you already have a LabelTac label maker in your facility, and you have more than one colored ink ribbon, why not start using this strategy today. You will find that it is extremely easy to run the label through multiple times to get the color scheme you’re looking for. You can start enjoying the benefits in just minutes, and they will last for many years to come.

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