LabelTac Software

The LabelTac industrial label printer series gives facility and safety managers the options to create custom labels in-house in a matter of minutes. Don’t let the idea of designing professional looking labels keep you from investing in these heavy-duty printers; along with your printer purchase you will also receive the LabelTac software, LabelSuite, free of charge. This intuitive and easy to use software will aide you in designing and labels that are compliant, beautiful, and professional.

What’s included in the LabelTac software?

LabelSuite is a $299 value but is included with any model of printer from the LabelTac printer series. The LabelTac software was designed with the user in mind and is extremely intuitive; you will get the hang of it in a matter of minutes! Whether you want to create a label from scratch or start with a pre-loaded label, LabelSuite will guide you through the process.


The LabelTac software is chock full of templates to assist you in creating labels. GHS labels, NFPA diamonds, wayfinding labels, first aid templates, 5S labels, and so much more are available right at your fingertips. These templates include the standard headers, text, symbols, or shapes as any other label you can buy from a catalog would but gives you the option to easily edit them to fit your facility’s needs. Easily swap out symbols, delete text or alter colors in justy a few minutes.


LabelSuite is loaded with hundreds of symbols to choose from as well as accesses the internet to give you a choice of thousands of symbols. The LabelTac software includes common hazard pictograms, 5S and Lean manufacturing symbols, GHS approved symbols, and much more. If your browse through the available symbols from online, you have even more options. For instance, if you’re creating a label to indicate a fire hazard, there are over 10 different options to represent a flame alone. Whatever symbol you would like for your labeling efforts can easily be found on LabelSuite.

Huge Content Library Included

Label Wizards

An extremely helpful tool that comes with LabelSuite are the label wizards for GHS labeling, pipe marking, and ammonia pipe marking. Each type of the labels can be complicated to make from scratch as it will directly affect your workplace’s safety. As an example, the GHS wizard requires the user to input a CAS number, product identifier, or substance name to start. Once you enter one of these, the wizard will supply you with the correct signal word, the product ID, the appropriate pictogram(s), and a hazard statement. Need to create a GHS label for benzoyl peroxide? The GHS label can aide you in creating one in under five minutes.

LabelSuite GHS Pipe Label Wizard

Lifetime Guarantee

The LabelTac software included with your industrial printer includes free upgrades for life. Every time new features are added, you are able to update your copy, free of charge every time. Furthermore, if you have any questions or issues regarding LabelSuite, your included lifetime support is here to help. The knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply are here to answer questions and solve any problems you may be facing when it comes to creating custom labels. The LabelTac industrial line of printers gives you the freedom to create beautiful, custom, and professional looking labels easily, and the included LabelTac software will guide you to making labels from start to print in an incredible fast amount of time. Whether you need a first aid label or an NFPA label, LabelSuite is the easiest way to design and print your own, in house.

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