Labels that Last when put on Oily Surfaces

Label PrinterAs you already undoubtedly know, using labels in a facility will provide you with many benefits. Whether they are used for safety, to provide instruction, or just to share information, it is important that you have the ability to place them properly so people can easily see them.

In most cases it is fairly easy to print off your labels and then place them wherever they need to go. If the area where you want the label is oily or greasy, however, this can present quite a challenge. This is why you need special labels that last when put on oily surfaces.

Why this is Difficult

The problem with placing labels on oily surfaces is that they often don’t stick very well, and even when you can get them to stay, they often come off much more quickly than when placed in other areas. This is because grease and oil are made to help prevent things from sticking to them.

In addition, the oil or grease will have higher water content than a normal clean surface. This can cause the adhesive to become diluted and not as strong. These two things work together and cause most normal labels to quickly slide off or curl up. Obviously, when this occurs the label becomes unreadable and useless.

Special Labels that last when put on Oily Surfaces

Oily Surface Label SupplyThe best solution to this problem is to purchase special labels that are designed specifically to last when put on oily surfaces. One excellent example of this is the ‘ Oily Surface Supply’ from LabelTac. This type of label uses a specially formulated adhesive, which is able to maintain the bond even when there is oil or grease present.

It work so well that you can spray a surface with WD-40, and then place the label right on top of it without a problem. Of course, WD-40 is one of the slickest products on the market, and it can be difficult to get anything to stick to it. This is a testament to just how effective the oil surface supply labels can be.

Where should these Labels be Used?

There are many places where these types of labels can be helpful. Obviously, the areas where this type of labeling will be used will be covered in grease, oil or other lubricants. This could be near heavy machinery, in a mechanics garage, on an oil rig, or any number of other places.

They are especially handy when placing labels in areas that can’t be easily cleaned. The fact that you can be confident that they will stick securely, even on top of oil, makes them an excellent product to have around.

How to Apply Labels that last when put on Oily Surfaces

If you have identified an area where you would like to put one of these labels, you’ll want to take the time to make sure it is done correctly.

The first thing to do is designed and print off your label. This will ideally be done using a  LabelTac 4 PRO industrial label maker that is located right in your facility. Once the label is printed off on the special label stock, it is time to go to the area where it will be placed.

Despite the fact that these labels are great at sticking to greasy or oily areas, it is still a good idea to get the surface as clean as possible. This will help ensure the label is placed smoothly and without any trouble. Depending on the area, you’ll just take your normal cleaning supplies and wipe down the surface. Allow it to dry completely.

It is important to note that if you are unable to properly clean it, the label should still stick without any real problems. The primary benefit to cleaning off the area is to help it to apply more smoothly. When there are bits of grease or other things, it can cause bumps. This can, over time, cause the label to wear out more quickly.

Whether you are able to clean the area or not, you will apply the label by simply removing the protective backing, and then pressing it evenly onto the surface. This will result in a nice smooth label that is easy to read, and will last for a very long time without any problems.

Additional Benefits of Oily Surface Supply

The oily surface labels from LabelTac have a number of other benefits as well. Specifically, they are made to be UV resistant, so you can place them in the sun without having the fade. They are also water, chemical and smear resistant. This makes them ideal for use where they may get wet or even come in contact with potentially corrosive chemicals.

As with all LabelTac labels, you are also able to print bright, high contrast images and words to provide the people reading them with an easy to read label. The fact that you can design them and print them off right in your facility will help to ensure that you are always able to have the exact labels that you need.

Cleaning Oil Tolerant Labels

For the most part, once you have the label places, you can treat it just like any other label you have in your facility. This is true of cleaning the labels to, in most ways. The big difference here is that the labels will most likely get dirty with a greasy or oily contaminant.

This means that you’ll have to use special cleaning products to help keep the label clean and readable. There are many high quality grease fighting or oil dissolving products on the market, so choosing one won’t be difficult. The fact that the labels are water and smear resistant means that you don’t have to worry about damaging the label while it is being cleaned.

No matter what type of product you use to clean these labels, one of the most important things is to clean them frequently. This is essential because of the fact that these areas where a lot of grease and oil build up get dirty much more quickly.

The grease and oil can quickly cover up the label, and make it impossible to read. While every facility is different, the chances are good that you’ll need to at least wipe the label down a few times per week to avoid any potential safety issues. Keeping an eye on the label for the first few weeks after it is installed will help you to make a good plan on the frequency of cleaning.

Improved Safety & Communication

There are obviously many great benefits to using labels that last when put on oily surfaces. For most companies, the most important of these benefits will be that you can improve the overall safety and communication of your facility. Having these labels will allow you to safely place them in areas that would have otherwise been nearly impossible.

Take the time to look through your facility to see where you might benefit from having a high quality label. If you have any areas that are greasy or oily, consider picking up a roll of label stock that is designed specifically for these environments. It is easy and affordable, and will work in the standards LabelTac label printers..

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