Barcodes & Labeling

Barcodes can take the organization of your business to the next level.

Barcode systems are a practical way to identify and sort inventories and are useful in tracking material and product use. Changes in inventory- whether by sales or material use- can be easily monitored, making barcoding a useful tool for maintaining product levels. Additionally, equipment can be barcoded to assist with location or operational status. Other common uses for barcodes include package sorting, time tracking, access control, and hazardous materials data collection.

barcode labels and barcodingHaving a LabelTac® printer in your facility makes barcoding a simple task. Using the inventory system that makes the most sense for your company, along with universally available barcode fonts, you can apply custom labels to bins, racking, equipment and packaging. Making your own custom barcode labels is extremely easy and will typically take less than a few minutes. Employees can scan these labels and quickly access the information stored on the barcode.

LabelTac® Barcode Solutions

Supported Barcode Languages/Styles

  • Code 25
  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • CPC binary
  • EAN 2
  • EAN 5
  • EAN 8
  • EAN 13
  • Facing ID Mark
  • GS1-128
  • GS1-Databar
  • JAN
  • MSI
  • Plessey
  • U.P.C.
  • All QR (2D) Barcodes
  • Plus more.

Barcode Labels

Standard barcodes (sometimes referred to as 1D barcodes) are commonly used for labeling racks, warehouse inventory tracking, product boxes, and many other applications. LabelTac® printers allow you to easily create custom barcode labels to fit the needs of any facility or project.

UPC Code Labels

UPC Codes are a type of 1D barcode that is commonly used to track products in a retail or trade environment. UPC Code Labels were traditionally printed on paper, but many companies (especially industrial) now choose to print these kinds of labels on vinyl because they are water-resistant and can withstand rough shipping or storage conditions.

2D Barcode/QR Code Labels

2D barcodes such as QR Codes or matrix barcodes used by UPS are an evolution of barcodes that can hold a great deal of information within a pattern of symbols or shapes. Because of its high-resolution printing and cost effectiveness, LabelTac® printers are an excellent option for this kind of label.

Labeling Supplies

When creating your own barcodes or QR codes, you will want to choose a label stock that will work the best in your facility and won’t fade or peel over time. Some barcode labeling stock you can use include oil and dirt resistant, high-temperature stock, water resistant, and even stock that is resistant to battery acid.